Where to pre-order Ring’s new $60 video doorbell, its smallest (and cheapest) yet

The benefits of owning a video doorbell have only grown over the past year: They give you the peace of mind of knowing who, exactly, is showing up on your doorstep (which is valuable information even if you spend most of your time at home), and make it *way* easier to pull off safe contactless deliveries and visits.

Amazon’s home security and smart home brand Ring is one of the biggest names in the video doorbell game, and starting next month, its convenience and protection will be more affordable than ever before: The company announced this week that it’s coming out with a new video doorbell that’ll retail for only $59.99, which is a whole $40 less than its standard Video Doorbell

As this new kid on the block is called, the Video Doorbell Wired is set for a release date of Feb. 24 and was already available for preorder at select retailers as of Jan. 28.

Along with being its most affordable video doorbell yet, the Video Doorbell Wired is also Ring’s smallest — but that doesn’t mean its functionality is limited, the company says. Quite the opposite, in fact: Its 1080p HD camera comes equipped with night vision, advanced motion detection, and customizable privacy zones, and a Two-Way Talk feature with noise cancellation keeps the conversations between you and your visitor(s) crystal-clear. Connect it to your phone (via the Ring App) or any Alexa-enabled smart home device for real-time notifications whenever someone stops by, announced or otherwise.

As with any Ring video doorbell, you can opt to subscribe to a Ring Protect plan to have the Video Doorbell Wired record all of your videos and save the footage for up to 60 days for further review and sharing. (Those are sold separately and start at $3 a month or $30 a year.)

Installation-wise, the Video Doorbell Wired will need to be connected to some existing doorbell wiring, as you may have already guessed from its name. (Some older models, like the regular Video Doorbell and Video Doorbell 3, give you the option of wireless battery power.) Fortunately, setup is a cinch: Ring says you can DIY it without the help of a professional using this guide or the Ring App using an included tool kit.

Note that the Video Doorbell Wired won’t sound your existing doorbell chime, so you’ll need a Ring Chime or a connected Alexa device to hear audio alerts when someone buzzes in.

Available in a sleek black finish, you can preorder it on Amazon or Ring.com for $59.99. (The latter will throw in a free 30-day trial of Ring Protect, FWIW.)

Where to pre-order Ring's new $60 video doorbell, its smallest (and cheapest) yet

Pre-order from Amazon for $59.99 See Details

Where to pre-order Ring's new $60 video doorbell, its smallest (and cheapest) yet

Pre-order from Ring for $59.99 See Details